Commission Prices

[Table of Contents]

  1. A Huge Heads Up
  2. How to Commission
  3. How to Contact
  4. How to Pay
  5. Commission Types
    Reference Sheets
  6. Extra Information

A Huge Heads Up!

While I draw and get Commissioned mainly Diaper Art, please do not feel discouraged from commissioning anything else! I’m pretty open to any fetishes. Please read “Extra Information” for more on that topic.

How to Commission

How to Contact

While you can find more Info about things that pertain to that, you can find info about where to find me right in the Contacts! (Please note that my Discord that’s Highlighted is not my actual Discord and an Invite to my Private Commissioner’s only server.)

How to Pay

Payment will happen when you get a commission from me and done through the Google Forms document below. I will contact you to confirm everything is correct before I work on the piece.

For Patreon backers, if you happen to have a Discount, be sure to let me know beforehand you’re a part of my Patreon! For more information regarding Patreon, please check out the tiers within my Page! (

Commission Types


$14 for Flat Pricing
$21 for Shaded Pricing


+ $17 Per Additional Character
+ $4 Per Alt x (The amount of Characters)


+$24 Per Additional Character
+$7 Per Alt x (The amount of Character)
+$15 for Complex Backgrounds


+$33 Per Additional Character
+$11 Per Alt x (The amount of Character)
+$20 for Complex Backgrounds

References Sheets

Base Price: $75 (Comes with 2 Poses/Angles and a Color Guide.) 
Additional Poses/Angles: $30
Bust/Half Body: $20
Alts: $8 x (Amount of Poses/Angles)

Extra Information

What will you Draw and Will not Draw?
The main thing is to take a look at my Fetish Document and to look at what anything above Yes is, however if you don’t find anything in particular please ask me within the Contacts given. Sometimes I will not want to draw certain fetishes on certain days If I am burned out by them however that’s a very rare occasion.

How old do you have to be to Commission, and how old does a character have to be?
You must be at least 18 Years or Older to commission me. I will draw Characters under 18 ONLY if it is for Non Fetish and Non NSFW art. I will absolutely not draw Fetish or NSFW art of Minors Period. This also goes for scenarios of Rape, Gore, Death, or anything like these.

Will you show WIP Pieces?
If requested, yes. I tend to draw things in one go so if you are wanting to look at it before hand then please ask.

Why won’t you take my commission?
There could be multiple reasons as to why. If it’s obvious I’ll point it out, however I do have the right to refuse commissions that I would not draw or make me uncomfortable.

Can you make my piece Private please?
Absolutely, there’s no shame in asking. You will need to add that in to the Form when you make it.

Since I’m a Patreon Member, how will I get my discount?
There will be a section in the Commission Doc mentioning that. If you are one, please plug your Patreon Name and the Discount Amount that you’ll receive, otherwise if you aren’t one then leave it be.